We are pleased to confirm that our next sailing practical course starts in May and run regularly throughout the Summer.  We will meet initially at the Yacht Club on the Tongue in the centre of the harbour. The course is subject to weather conditions. Courses are normally run the weekends.

The course will comprise approximately 16 hours from and provides a short introduction to sailing. If necessary, we will make up any time lost due to weather constraints. By the end of the course, participants will have a basic understanding of boat handling techniques and background knowledge. The course follows the syllabus set out in the RYA National Sailing Scheme Handbook G4 which will also help you to understand the possible progression through the hobby if you wish.

We will work our way through the basic skills:

  • Developing wind awareness.
  • Reaching – sailing across the wind.
  • Stopping – lying-to.
  • Controlling speed.
  • Tacking – turning the front of the boat through the wind.
  • Getting out of irons.
  • Sailing upwind.
  • Sailing downwind.
  • Gybing – turning the back of the boat through the wind.

Further information can be obtained directly from the RYA website at the link below, but I have also attached details to the email.

RYA Keelboat Sailing Training | Learn to sail and race keelboats

On the Saturday & Sunday we will break about 12pm and return to the Club for a drink and lunch. Please note food is not provided as part of the course.

As the course is subject to the weather, on Mondays we will always meet at the club but for the Sunday session we will aim to confirm the course will proceed on the Thursday night prior when we will have a clearer idea of the weather forecast. Should the session be cancelled you have the option of a refund or move to a later Date.

The Course will cost £180 which includes 3 months temporary Membership to the Club (full membership would be an additional £70). The cost for Member’s is £130.00.

We can teach level sailing level 1, 2, 3, Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing, Spinnakers and Racing courses.